Suppress the dust plume.

During blasting, water encapsulates the abrasive and coating being removed, which prevents them from becoming airborne. The droplets then fall to the ground, keeping surrounding areas clean.

No shutdowns

With no huge plume of dust, others can continue working nearby.

The Mobile Advantage

Unlike sandblasting, you don’t need bulky containment methods. This means you can take your machine anywhere — even your customer’s location.

Environmental Excellence

Our eco-friendly process uses recycled bottle glass and complies with environmental regulations.

Dust Suppression
Water and abrasive are mixed inside the blast tank. During blasting, the water encapsulates the abrasive and the coating being removed. Instead of becoming airborne, the trapped abrasive falls to the ground, keeping surrounding areas clean and free from mess.

Easy Containment
Because water is mixed with the abrasive, there is no dust plume or ignitable sparks. This allows you to blast in open environments, even when others are working nearby. Plus, you will save money on containment and cleanup costs.

Safe & Efficient
Unlike traditional sandblasting, Dustless Blasting produces no toxic dust plume. That means you don’t need to wear a full blast suit. This increases your visibility and your ability to maneuver, which in turn reduces the risk of accidents.

No Plant Shutdown
Dustless Blasting is environmentally friendly, easy to contain and clean, and produces no ignitable sparks. This makes it the perfect tool for working on live pipelines and offshore rigs as workers can continue to work nearby.

Consumes Less Abrasive
The combination of water and abrasive produces more mass and force in the blasting process, allowing you to use less media and work more efficiently. This not only speeds up your production time but also cuts your consumables cost.


Cleans Surfaces
Dustless Blasting not only strips away old paint and rust, but actually cleans the surface that you are blasting so that it is free of contaminates and soluble salts that cause flash rust. In addition to this, Rust Inhibitor can leave a freshly stripped surface paint ready for up to 72 hours. This makes it the perfect method of paint stripping for the automotive restoration business.

Increased Equipment Lifespan
Water lubricates the abrasive as it moved through the pot, hose, and nozzles. This reduces the amount of heat transfer and wear and tear on your equipment so you can keep on working one job to the next.

Limitless Applications
Dustless Blasting has such a wide variety of applications and uses. The process can be used on nearly any type of surface such as wood, brick, metal, concrete, and more. This process can be used in any and all industries: automotive, marine, industrial, residential, refinery, and so much more.

Environmentally Friendly
Since the debris is captured with the water during the blasting process, Dustless Blasting can be easily contained and cleaned. Because there is no dust plume or toxic chemicals, it’s perfect for use in areas with strict environmental rules and regulations. Learn more about this environmentally friendly process.

No Friction, No Heat, No Warping
Dustless Blasting is perfect for blasting all metals with no fear of friction, heat, or warping of the surfaces. The water used in the blasting process helps to keep the surface about 10 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature. This helps to eliminate the surface heat generated by friction. No surface heat means NO WARPING.