Floor Coatings

The use of resin and cementitious-based based flooring systems has become consolidated practice in the construction world. Not only are they adopted in the industrial and commercial building sectors, they are also used in the private construction sector and for street furniture and can be applied in various ways in all types of surroundings: from highly automated systems for industry to hospitals and supermarkets, as well as in civil settings for the public and private sectors, such as showrooms, shops and homes.

Mapei has developed a range of cutting-edge systems for the seamless flooring sector and, depending on the individual requirements of clients, they offer practical, efficient systems that can be installed very quickly and provide unquestionable benefits in terms of functionality, strength, durability and aesthetics.

These systems include the various solutions from Mapefloor System, a complete range of resin-based systems, and Ultratop System, a specific selection of formulations with a cementitious matrix, both of which can be used to create surfaces that always meet with the end user’s specific requirements in terms of hygiene, sustainability creativity, exclusivity, comfort and wellbeing in the most diverse settings.

Mapei’s seamless flooring portfolio consists of a comprehensive range of solutions that can be tailored to suit the type of application, the thickness of the flooring and the type of formulate employed and come in an infinite array of colours, shades and patterns to create surfaces that are not only unique, but also perfectly suitable for the use specified by the end user.