Foam Insulation

With energy costs consistently rising, consumers are searching for ways to cut these expenses. Residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural construction was traditionally insulated with fiberglass, as it was the industry standard for many years.
Providing multipurpose protection in a single application, Heatlok XT serves as air, water and vapor barriers all in one. By keeping out unwanted outside air and water, homeowners can enjoy comfort without worry of outside allergens and possible mold growth from moisture condensation or leakage. Heatlok XT also provides an industry-leading flame spread rating of 0-5; which means, in case of a fire, the rate in which the flame burns and moves is slowed.
  • Excellent Air barrier
  • 0-5 flame spread based on ASTM E-84*
  • Water-resistive barrier
  • Vapor barrier
  • Energy Efficient

In addition, spray foam insulation will out-perform traditional fiberglass insulation in every way. Spray foam will continue to efficiently insulate, whereas traditional fiberglass sags and settles causing it to no longer perform at its original R-value. Many homeowners are also concerned about the environment and this is a tremendous option to help reduce their impact on the environment.

Spray Foam Vs Traditional Insulation
Spray foam insulation is the superior performing alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. The high air permeability of traditional insulation allows air to easily pass through walls where gaps and seams exist. Differences between interior and exterior temperatures create convection currents in walls and ceilings reducing the thermal performance of traditional insulation.
Cut Energy Costs
Spray foam insulation is an energy efficient solution, which can offer a sizable return on your insulation investment compared to traditional fiberglass insulation. With the money you will save in energy costs, the more energy efficient spray foam insulation pays for itself within a few years.